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The scientific and practical medical peer-reviewed journal "Doctor.Ru" is designed to facilitate the exchange professional medical information and professional development of workers of all levels health care systems. By publishing high-quality, relevant materials, promote growth level of medical services, improving public health and improving the quality of life in Russian society.                             

Doctor.Ru is not only a means of disseminating knowledge, but also an indicator of scientific authority   of our authors - the impact factor RISC 2015 is 0.300, a place in the SCIENCE INDEX rating for   2015 on the topic "Medicine and Healthcare" - 39 of 506.    

 The journal "Doctor.Ru" sustained all revisions of the VAK List. The publication has all the available scientific regalia that can be awarded in Russia to the journal for the practitioner.                            

   Over 12 years of development, 100 issues of the journal have been created. These are about 7,500 pages of scientific text. Above  More than 50 editors (main, scientific, literary) work with the contents of the issues. On this  more than 60 scientists from all over Russia visited the cover, 28 of them were RAS academicians.                             

 The magazine is read throughout the country: during the year, Doctor.Ru participates in more than 50 scientific    medical events, including conferences held by the founder - NP "RUSMEDICAL GROUP"